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Patent Research

The NONY law firm offers services in the area of patent research.

These services are carried out internally by an Intellectual Property Partner in collaboration with Sandrine LIMOGES.

Sandrine has acquired a wealth of experience in this field while serving in the Patent Research Department of a large Parisian law firm with over 200 people, where she practiced for 6 years before joining NONY in 2010.

Thanks, in part, to the accessibility of well-known industry software, such as Questel Orbit and Chemical Abstracts (CAS®), NONY has the expertise to offer the following services :

  • Priority searches in view of a patentability study
  • Freedom to operate (FTO) searches
  • Establishing the prior art
  • Structural chemistry research
    • by exact structure, substructure or Markush formula (REGISTRY and MARPAT databases)
    • by chemical reaction (CasReact database)
  • Setting up technological surveillance and strategic competitor monitoring/business intelligence
  • Setting up patent application, patent, and Supplementary Protection Certificate surveillance
  • Obtaining the legal status of patent applications, patents, and Supplementary Protection Certificates

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